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College Audition Tip! Making a checklist.

Thursday, February 21, 2019 by Rebecca Keogh | Uncategorized

Make a checklist of everything you need to prepare for your audition. Below I’ve included a few examples of the type of things you could put on your checklist;  

 ✔️Reply to any emails you get regarding audition before indicated deadline, including all information requested like including your CAO number and dates you will not be available to audition.

 ✔️Prepare your songs and make sure they fit any criteria requested by college.

 ✔️ Read audition guidelines & include any important details on your checklist. Like whether you
need to arrange accompaniment, bring a backing track, or choose songs from a prescribed list.

 ✔️ Practice any technical exercises you might also be asked to perform such as scales, harmonising, or music theory.

 ✔️ Research your course choice and be prepared to talk about why you are are the right student for the course.

 ✔️ Bullet point any info you want to talk about in your interview like why you chose the course and any goals you have for the future.

 ✔️ Mark audition date in your calendar and make sure you request the date off work if you need to.

 ✔️ Choose your outfit a couple of days BEFORE audition day.

 ✔️ Plan your journey a few days BEFORE audition and give yourself plenty of time to get there. As a rule of thumb, I usually plan to arrive an hour before I’m due to audition. During this time, I'll sit in my car or find a quiet corner and go over my notes for interview, listen to music to get me in the right head space & grab a tea or a bottle of water. This is your time to get in the zone.