RK Vocal Studio

Introduction to Music 

(8-10 yrs)

This class is designed to introduce young musicians from age 8 to 10 years old to various aspects of music. Students will explore music using percussion instruments, keyboards and their voices. No previous experience is necessary. This class is perfect for young musicians to explore the different elements of music who might not be ready for 1 to 1 lessons. 

Group Singing 

(10+ yrs)

Students with a passion for singing will explore their voices through warm-ups and vocal exercises, and learn popular songs. They will work towards an end-of-term performance after the 8 weeks which will take place on the last day at Place4U for parents of students. This course will suit singers at a beginner to intermediate level looking to grow their confidence and take their performance skills to the next level. 

Group Keyboard 

(10+ yrs)

This introductory course will introduce young musicians to fundament keyboard skills. Students will develop musicianship skills by learning scales, chord voicings, sight reading and improvisational skills. They will work towards being able to 'play with a band' by playing along to backing tracks or metronomes and honing their timing and rhythm skills. This course is perfect for singers looking to learn an accompanying instrument or beginner keyboardists wanting to take their playing to the net level.

€80 for 8 x45-minute classes