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Keyboard Course

This course is designed to introduce beginners to the different areas involved in being a keyboardist. Students will learn how to accompany singers, play in bands or be a session player. You might be a singer yourself with a keyboard lying around that you haven't yet invested any time into, or have a classical background & would like to learn to improvise pop/rock songs, or maybe you're a songwriter who wants to expand your keys skills & enhance your songs. You will learn how to improvise any pop/rock song so you'll never have to cancel a gig because your guitarist or keyboardist can't make it. Become independent

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  Clonmel Rocks: A kids group project aimed at forming rock bands in Clonmel.

Sing Your Heart Out

Learn to sing lead and backing vocals, sing harmonies & become a more confident performer! 

Work towards a recording project or live gig.  

Fee: €60 monthly subscription.

45min weekly.

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Clonmel Rocks 2020: https://rebekahsvocalstudio.mymusicstaff.com/Blog?PostID=75401


 Jumpstart your performing careerBecome a confident bandleader. 

Learn how to record good-quality demos. Develop healthy vocal techniques

Learn an accompanying instrumentImprove your songwriting ability. 

Gain 'Rockschool' grades. Connect the dots...mind, body, spirit. 

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