RK Vocal Studio

Voice | Keyboard | Piano | Songwriting

Subscription: €85 per month. 

You can cancel anytime by giving 30 days notice. 

Lessons break at Christmas, Easter and the month of August.

Artist Special

For pro singers such as event singers, session singers, and original artists who have not been able to work because of covid restrictions, who want to work on their craft in the downtime or get back on track in preparation for starting back gigging.

Package: X4 (45min) lessons €65

One-off lessons: 1 (60min) lesson €50 

These lessons are perfect for someone who has an event coming up like an audition or a gig and needs a once-off session to get them on the right track. These are booked sporadically, so available times may vary.

Pro singers get 20% off during covid


Professional training for artists at every level of your journey. 

Develop your unique sound through an exploration of contemporary styles

expand your technical ability, learn healthy vocal techniques

broaden your musicianship skills, learn an accompanying instrument 

and utilize the tools available to you as an artist.