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Rock singer Kim Jennett talks all things performing & creating

Sunday, November 29, 2020 by Rebecca Keogh | Artist Interview

Kim is most known for her energetic performances and Rockin vocals. She has fronted blues-rock band Voodoo Blood, collaborated with Myke Grey among others and hosts live streams most Sundays from her Facebook page. See timestamps below for an overview of some of the things we spoke about.

Kims links; https://linktr.ee/Kimjennett00:00 

01:01 Live Stream Sundays

06:09 music education 

16:05 songwriting muses

23:05 stagecraft

28:00 The Late Late Toy Show

32:35 Bloodstock Festival 

38:00 songwriting: a new direction 

43:30 what Kim is listening to now

47:28 brand/artist identity