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Clonmel Rocks!

Monday, May 4, 2020 by Rebecca Keogh | summer camp


I am delighted to announce Clonmel Rocks! Online tuition aimed at forming rock bands in Clonmel. I will be tutoring voice and keyboard alongside Stephen McGrath (guitar & bass) and Gev Barrett (drums). This event is part of Clonmel Junction Arts Festival 2020 program. Brought to you in conjunction with Music Generation Tipperary and Creative Ireland. This is a FREE event for Clonmels talented rockers!!

Who can apply?

We are looking for singers, keyboardists, guitarists, bassists and drummers who have approx 2 years experience playing their instrument / singing OR can play / sing to a good standard if they are self thought.  This is not an event for complete beginners. We are looking for young musicians who can play to a fair standard in order to make this event happen with ease. BUT they do not need to be experts. As long as they can understand the basics and are enthusiastic to learn. You also must have your own instrument. 

How does it work?

We will have 1 junior band (8-12 yrs) and 1 senior band (13-18 yrs) who will learn 3 rock songs each and perform them at an event (either online or in person depending on government guidelines) in July. 

They will receive weekly online 1 to 1 tuition from experienced tutors/musicians and then (hopefully) will meet for group rehearsals and a gig at the end of it. 

All you need is a devise to log on to your lesson. A laptop or tablet is best but a phone would be fine too. You do need to have a good internet connection to partake. You can check your connection here: https://broadbandspeedtest.ie/

How do I audition?

Go to http://www.junctionfestival.com/programme/events, click on 'Clonmel Rocks' and fill out the application form on the website. Record the best 45 seconds of your favourite song (a phone will be just fine), introduce yourself, state what instrument part you'll be auditioning for and introduce your song. This is our chance to 'meet' you so just relax and be yourself! We want confident band members who are ready to rock! Send your audition video via whatsapp >> 087 3823000

Closing date for applications is May 8th so apply now!


Rebekah Keogh (Vocals & Keyboard)


Stephen McGrath (Guitar & Bass)


Gev Barrett (Drums & Rhythm Ensemble)


See facebook event page for further details;


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