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Friday, September 4, 2020 by Rebecca Keogh | Teacher Training, Classes, Resources

Lockdown has been both challenging and an opportunity to invest time into ourselves which we just weren't making time for before.  Having moved lessons online back in March, I really felt thrown in at the deep end. Trying to figure out ways to deliver value to my students in an online format. Its coming up to 6 months since we first moved online and we've learned a LOT! If you missed my blog post which explains in detail online lessons at RKVS you can check it out here: Online lessons at RKVS

Most of you know that last year, I went back to college to study for a Popular Music Degree at the Cork School of Music. 1 year down, only 3 to go!! This is probably the biggest investment of time and money that I've put into myself so far and I'm really enjoying up skilling to degree level. It is a time to focus on myself, my training and my skillset, which in turn makes me a better coach and tutor to my students and fellow tutors. You can read more about my previous experience and qualifications here: Tutors

I have spent most of the summer preparing for getting back to teaching at RKVS through a combination of CPD, purchasing new teaching materials and equipment, research, organisation and training the new tutors.

New Materials for Students

  1. 3 brand new keyboards for the studio. I have 5 studio keyboards in total now and will purchase more depending on demand for keyboard club.
  2. Sheet music stands, keyboard stands and foot pedal.
  3. New backing tracks for students to practice with and to use in lessons. 
  4. Grade books & new sheet music. 
  5. Piano course (beginner level). Created by me. Not finished yet. I'm about 1/2 way through.
  6. New beginner keyboard/piano books. 
  7. Video tutorials. 
  8. New digital flashcards to help students learn about music theory, the voice and song information (I made these myself).
  9. Dyslexia friendly coloured overlays which can be placed over sheet music and lyrics for dyslexics. 
  10. Grade books for higher levels.
  11. New classes & activities (podcast/live chats/online quizzes, virtual open mic).

My own professional development (CPD)

  1. The Virtual Voice Forum with The Voice Forum. (A 4 day (24 hrs) online voice education event.)
  2. The Virtual Voice Conference with Vocology In Practice. (A 3 day (4 hrs) online voice education event.)
  3. 10 Weeks of Vocal Techniques with Dane Chalfin. (10 hrs of vocal technique.)
  4. Online voice lessons with Erika Noot from One Voice Vocal Studio (Canada). Focusing on rock vocals. (Ongoing).
  5. Vocology In Practice Membership Pathway. (6 months (48 hrs approx) of weekly online training to become an official VIP voice teacher.)
  6. 2 piano courses.
  7. New educational books. 
  8. Going into my second year of a 4 year music degree.

I'm very much looking forward to seeing what the next year brings and feel very lucky that I can keep growing my business despite the current pandemic. Thank you all for your continued support.

- Rebekah